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Welcome to Wood Recruitment, a professional recruitment agency that has offered businesses from all industries with suitable, permanent and temporary white collar office professionals for the last 30 years. For those professionals interested in administration jobs in Fremantle WA, Wood Recruitment is the right place to visit. We understand our client’s needs in depth and make sure we can attract job seekers to their dream administration jobs in Fremantle WA and therefore increase retain rates for businesses. In order to exceed our clients’ requirements, we extend our affiliations with national and international agencies so we can help our clients secure the most appropriate professionals for their teams, taking them closer to their goals.

At Wood Recruitment, we take pride in adding value to businesses, and this starts by understanding the importance of minimising the staff turnover. Our recruitment process stays at the top, not only when it comes to finding suitable prospects for administration jobs in Fremantle WA, but also for any kind of position you need to fill in your business. Our specialised process comprehends 4 stages:

1. We start our search by setting up the story we will discuss with every candidate interested in finding administration jobs in Fremantle WA. Here we set up the foundation as we aim to become an extension of your Human Resources team and understand your business well enough to find a suitable addition to your team.

2. Once we get the job brief done, we can build out the profile, with the expectations the business has for a professional that comes to take one of the administration jobs in Fremantle WA. With this detailed picture, we can find someone with the experience required for the job.

3. Planning and market mapping helps us organise the search and how to take a shorter time looking for the most suitable professional out there.

4. Executing the search is way easier once the foundations are in place.

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