10 Reasons To Conduct Online Employee Satisfaction Surveys

By Scott Van Heurck - 06 Apr, 2020

How confident are you that all your employees are happy and planning to stay with your company for a long time?  

The best way to get an answer to this will be to conduct an online survey on a regular basis.  

These types of surveys can provide you with a lot of information and insights into your employees and their perspectives and a great strategy to keep the employees happy.

Being the leader means you need to be strategic in setting the tone for the workplace. 

These insights are ones that you might not be able to get with face-to-face meetings. 

Here are 10 reasons to conduct online employee satisfaction surveys.

#1 – Give Your Employees A Voice

When you conduct a satisfaction survey, you are giving your employees a voice within your organisation which is something they need.  

They will be able to provide their opinion and feedback in a way they are comfortable with.  

Many employees will not bring up certain issues in meetings or performance reviews which they offer on surveys. 

#2 – Open Lines Of Communication


You will also be opening the lines of communication when you encourage your employees to participate in the survey.  

This can add to their feelings of empowerment.  

They will also feel that they have a say regardless of their position in the company.  

According to physical wellbeing experts Blackwood Osteopathy, over $34 billion is lost every year due to absenteeism. 

They say “this can be avoided by establishing two-way communication with your employees. Doing this will give you an honest understanding of how they feel about working for you. Ensuring they feel heard is part of your duty of care as an employer and will help increase their productivity and loyalty.”

#3 – Maintain Privacy

An online employee survey allows people to voice their concerns while remaining anonymous and not putting themselves out there.  

If you want information about the state of your business, you should enable employees to complete the survey from their office or at home.  

#4 – Create A Non-Threatening Work Environment

You can easily create a non-threatening work environment when you encourage your employees to tell you what their likes and dislikes are.  

The survey also helps them tell you about their feelings on the office space and anything that affects their role. 

This makes employees feel more positive about the company and their value. 

#5 – Get Insight For Restructuring Benefits Programs

When you learn the benefits your employees appreciate and what they would like to have, you can restructure your compensation package to incorporate this.  

This will help you retain staff and you will attract more long-term employees.  

It is very easy to include questions in your survey about the benefits program. 

#6 – Learn About The Working Conditions From An Insider

The managers in your business could be working hard to create working conditions that are ideal for everyone, but you will not know if this is working without input from employees.  

These surveys offer employees the opportunity to offer unbiased feedback.  

For the bookkeeping experts at Concept, it’s important to be fair as an employer. They explain, “Employers are responsible for being fair to their staff. This includes paying them honest wages and ensuring the workplace is a respectful environment. Surveys will allow you to find out how staff actually feel and make any changes necessary to protect and maintain a positive working environment.”

Keep in mind, any survey you do should have a section about workplace conditions.  

#7 – Identify Motivational Factors

There are many different factors that motivate your employees from compensation and benefits to career advancement to recognition.  

It is important that you know what these drivers are so you can use them to improve productivity and loyalty. 

This can easily be done by including the right questions in your survey. 

#8 – Increase Employee Loyalty

If you want to run a successful business, you need to retain your employees.  

It is possible to increase employee loyalty by engaging with your employees through meetings where they are able to see their opinions are valued.  

You can also use surveys to help them contribute to the company and feel that they have a say in what happens.  

#9 – Review A Detailed Analysis

When you conduct these surveys online, you can get certain data points and see patterns or trends in the answers.  

This will give you a better understanding of your employees’ perception.  

Marketing expert Clarinda Cheon from Search It Local points out that online surveys can uncover the company’s underlying issues. 

She says, “as much as employee surveys are subjective if there are the same answers and concerns recurring, there must be some truth in them. And you probably wouldn’t find out about them without the survey.”

You can also get in-depth reports which help improve internal operations and training programs.  

#10 – Increase Trust In Your Business

image “as much as employee surveys are subjective if there are the same answers and concerns recurring, there must be some truth in them. And you probably wouldn’t find out about them without the survey.”

When you let employees know you have a policy of conducting these satisfaction surveys you will increase their confidence and trust in your management.  

Employees appreciate management teams that are open to their concerns and will generally be more eager to share their opinions. 

This trust is important because it will create the foundation for employee retention, effective communication and employee motivation.  

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