4 Skill Sets That Can Help You Stand Out From The Competition

By Lainey Quinn - 12 Mar, 2020

In the current competitive job market, finding open positions, applying for them and making a great impression at your interview is not enough anymore.

You need to have something special to offer to place you ahead of your competitors in all of the right ways. One of the most effective ways to do that is to have a specialised skill set.

Having the right training or background that employers that are searching for can make or break you being able to land a specific job.

Are you curious to see what are the skills that are sought after in today’s job market the most?

Let’s see what skills you can use to help yourself to prospective employers.

1. Project Management

All companies in all industries in the world need to have project managers to take their major ideas from the creative realm and turn them into a reality to make a difference.

However, it is rare to find dependable people who can actually do the job right.

If you like leading important projects, are skilled at leading teams and are creative, then project management might be something you would like to explore.

Project management is frequently challenging and exciting, but also something that provides good job security and pay.

According to the Project Management Talent Gap Report, by 2020 15.7 million new project management jobs will be added across the world over seven project-intensive industries.

That means that currently and in the near future are the ideal times for developing and solidifying your project management skills while you are conducting your search for a job.


2. Sales

All companies need to have a great sales team that can sell their services and products effectively to the people and organisations that need them.

However, if you have a sales background, then you have a major advantage with being able to market yourself to prospective employers – even if you are not applying for actual sales positions.

It is definitely a skill set that you may want to cultivate, especially if you are skilled at communication and are good with people. Also, sales positions offer plenty of earning potential and excitement for go-getters.

eCommerce retailer Tow and Line explains that sales skills don’t have to be face to face, but can exist online too, they say “social media has given rise to the field of social selling. A lot of good salespeople now view their participation on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as one of the most effective sales skills.”

3. IT Skills

If you happen to have any kind of training in IT that you can offer, congratulations to you! That is because you are the kind of individual that all companies are looking for.

These days, the entire world runs on advanced technological systems and computers.

However, it is not common knowledge to be able to implement, troubleshoot, and maintain these systems.

That makes having a great IT team highly valuable. IT gives you the opportunity to use your valuable skills in whatever industry.

Currently, 93% of online experiences start with a search engine which means taking your IT skills and applying them to any marketing discipline can be more beneficial still.


4. Web and Software Development

Another skill set that can take you far these days is software development.

As our world continues to become increasingly technologically advanced, all companies are searching for individuals who can help with developing everything from developing sales websites that convert, key software programs, to mobile applications.

If you like to work on new ideas, web technology, computers and are tech-savvy, then you can definitely be the person who can enjoy the benefits of this trend.

When looking at freelance websites like Fivver or Upwork there are developers whose hourly rates are over $1,000. This may sound surprising but that is an earning that some of the top tier web developers are able to ask for.

Which means YOU can do the same.

That means that even as a part-time or freelance developer, there is a potential to earn more than just a liveable wage. Who could not use that in today’s economy?

Bonus Tip – Be Confident

While skill based abilities will always carry value, the confidence you carry yourself with should underpin everything you do.

Across professional and personal lines, being confident is a priceless trait.

This is backed up by Melbourne cosmetic tattooist Connie Di Camillo who says she’s seen the difference confidence can make first-hand. She explains “working in the beauty industry I’m constantly struck by how powerful small changes can be. The right look can transform a personality, and when this is harnessed and used in everyday life, whether provided from an external source or from within, you can really stand out.”

When you refuse to see obstacles, you’ll be miles ahead of your competition.

Start applying your skill set to potential employees and explore the options that may be waiting for you.

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