5 Benefits Of Business Cards That You Need To Know About

By Lainey Quinn - 27 Jan, 2021

Business cards are some of the oldest and most powerful marketing weapons to this date. Invented several decades ago, they have remained relevant and effective despite the digital era taking the world by storm.

Many small business owners use these cards to not only advertise their work and specialties but as a form of business networking as well. These cards have, as expected, evolved with time (from simple die-cut to quirky gimmicky designs) to meet the current marketing and networking needs. They are thus an essential marketing and business tool for every entrepreneur.

Outlined below are some of the reasons you, too, should continue using business cards and their benefits.

1. Affordability

Business cards are a cost-effective marketing option for both small and medium-sized businesses. A well-designed business card costs just a few cents, with the price dropping even farther for bulk orders.

Virginia from Energy Healing Massage saysthe key is to find a reputable designer and the right commercial printer to produce the best-quality business cards possible.” Do not, however, be tempted to design and print your business cards unless you have access to commercial-grade printers. Small printers just aren’t designed to handle such a job. Using a printing service provider also gives you a wide range of printing options to choose from.

2. Versatility


Business cards, despite their tiny size, can hold more than just your contact information. They have just enough space for essential advertising material, message, and even coupon/deal offers. You, however, ought to be careful with the information displayed/printed on the card. Too much information on the tiny card beats its purpose in the long run.

Pro-Business Card Printing Tip: Create a landing page where the recipients/audiences can visit from the business card. Use the landing page to provide the user with as much information about your business as possible.

3. Convenience

In addition to their versatility, you have the freedom to decide how the card will be designed and where it goes for maximum exposure. You also have total control over the information displayed on the card. That said, you can use the business card to display whatever message you feel like.

The team at Lovestone Cottages tells us that “The compact size makes it easy to keep in a purse or wallet as well. Most people even have binders and special containers that they use to hold business cards.

Pro Tip: Many establishments have made it possible for anyone to leave their business cards in a centralised area. Anyone interested in a product or service can thus sieve through the cards to find contact information of a business they might be interested in. Identify establishments where most of your target customers/clients are, and leave as many business cards as possible there.


4. Business Cards Don’t Expire

While an online banner ad will last for a few seconds, and a television/radio ad about 30 seconds, a business card remains relevant for as long as it takes. A customer can keep/have your card for years and will have direct access to it whenever they wish. As long as a customer has your card in their purse/wallet, chances of them calling you whenever in a situation only you can solve, is relatively high. The card also acts as a constant reminder of your business’ existence each time he/she takes it out.

Pro Tip: Cards with a memorable design (die-cut) tend to last a lot longer than generic ones. Magnetic business card printing provides the recipient with more options to store the cards, such as on the fridge and other metallic surfaces.

5. They Do Work

Paul at Smart and Fast Electrical tells us that, “There’s a reason why business cards have remained relevant to this day. The most obvious one is the fact that they do work, always. All one needs to do is include the right and relevant information on these cards”. The recipient should be able to make what you do at first glance. You also should know who to hand the cards too for the strategy to work.

Pro Printing Tip: A good first impression is what matters with business cards. That said, you need to have the card designed perfectly to not only portray your business but also show your personality. A comprehensive branding strategy is thus required to make the most out of your business cards.

These are just, but 5 of the numerous advantages business cards have to offer. Although they might seem small, these tiny cards pack a punch in the business world.

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