5 Easy to Implement Strategies to Keep Your Employees Happy

By Lainey Quinn - 31 Jan, 2020

Are you struggling to retain your employees or in keeping them cheery at work?

Considering the fact that the current recruitment and hiring environment is highly competitive, retaining current employees has become a crucial aspect of any organisation’s success. To safeguard your bottom line and ensure that you create and maintain a solid foundation for the future of your firm, there needs to be a low turnover rate.

Retaining the current workforce doesn’t necessarily involve high wages and salaries.

Rather, according to research, employees tend to be more active, productive, and loyal to their companies when they have high job satisfaction. Business leaders, hiring managers, and human resource professionals alike have put across some of the best practices to ensure employee satisfaction that aren’t salary driven.

Here are 5 strategies that you can implement to keep your employees happy and engaged, as suggested by Wood Recruitment.


1. Making Employees Part of the Bigger Picture

According to the health and wellness coach at Wellbeing Health Retreats, the best benefit that companies can offer their employees is to give them an opportunity to influence a positive change through their work and also allowing them to assist in directing the course of the company. He says “Clear and regular communication on company happenings, personal and department direction, and big-picture company direction as some of the benefits that matter most to an employee’s happiness.”

2. Encourage Communication and Interactions in Common Areas

Companies should consider creating spaces where employees can easily engage and share ideas. The break room can be a place where casual conversations are transformed into outcome-driven collaborative conversations. Companies can make the break room more inviting and effective, if possible, by adding good furniture, tables, and snacks and beverages.

3. Establish a Career Pathway

Research done by found that the provision of developmental support, for example, training opportunities and career mentoring to employees who feel that there aren’t any enticing career opportunities for them within the company led to a high turnover rate.

Therefore it is crucial for companies to consider periodic career-planning discussions with their employees. Employees should be informed about the various types of career paths or job opportunities available within the company.

4. Build Employees Up

It’s probably already too late for companies seeking to retain their employees by providing raises. As a company, you should hire people who from the beginning share the operational values of the organisation, test for fit early, and enable growth opportunities to express that value. Team members can also be frequently rewarded with projects of higher-value after a constructive initiative.

5. Offer Benefits Beyond the Basics


Finally, as a way to keep employees happy and healthy, you can offer gym memberships and transit benefits. It is crucial for you to provide higher benefits for your employees to let them know that you truly care about them and their families.

If you’re in Western Australia looking for a company to fulfil your recruitment needs, feel free to contact Wood Recruitment now.

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Peta's ability to absorb and assess information between both parties while maintaining a personalised approach has raised the bar in the recruitment industry. .

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