5 Good Reasons For Randomly Sending Flowers

By Scott Van Heurck - 11 Jun, 2021


Do you sometimes feel actions speak better than words?

There is something about a flower arrangement that can achieve this. One of the main reasons why flowers can be so powerful is because of their versatility.

No matter what the occasion, there is a perfect flower arrangement to accompany it. But who made the rule that flowers can only be sent on a special occasion?

Given that flower arrangements speak a universal language, why not send one just because?

Here are 5 good reasons for randomly sending flowers.

1. Put Someone In A Good Mood

Maybe you know someone who is going through a tough time?

If so, a beautiful flower arrangement is bound to put a smile on their face. Whether they are recovering from surgery, handling the loss of a loved one, or something personal they don’t really talk about, it does not make a difference.

For the home experts at Downsizing with Care, flowers are a pleasant surprise that could lift someone’s spirit. “Being surrounded day in and day out by the same furniture and appliances which help us get through every day can get monotonous. Mixing things up for someone with a little freshness in their home with flowers, helping add ambience and scent can help brighten someone’s day.”

But what about sending an arrangement for someone who is already having a pretty good day?

It could be your way of congratulating them on everything they have accomplished so far.

Then you will be making their day extra special.

Because at the end of the day, sending flowers shows you care. And there is simply no putting a monetary value on such a gesture.


2. Remind Someone They Are In Your Thoughts

When life gets in the way, it is hard to keep up with people you love and care about.

For instance, you hardly get a free moment to call your mother, even though she lives in the same town. But one call to the right florist, and you can remind her that she’s always in your thoughts.

Now, do you have someone special you haven’t spoken to in a while?

Because sending a beautiful flower arrangement before making the call is definitely worth it.

3. A Great Way Of Showing Gratitude


It is so easy to take others for granted. Especially when they play a vital role in your life. It could even be a co-worker that always helps you when the pressure builds.

But when these people are constantly around to give support, they are usually the first ones to receive the least amount of gratitude. Make sure the people who support you feel the same.

In other words, show them you appreciate everything they do with a flower arrangement filled with gratitude.

According to women’s health expert, Jacqui Watts, sometimes when we are having a hard time, it’s those around that care that end up suffering too. “Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, addiction or anything else, there is often a spillover effect. When you’ve weathered your storm, it’s to show appreciation to those around you that supported you with a simple gesture such as flowers.”

It does not take five minutes to call a florist and make someone else feel appreciated all day long.

4. Sign Of An Apology

Actions speak louder than words. Especially when it involves apologizing to someone.

Make no mistake, it is still a good thing to say the words and let the person know you regret whatever you did.

But in certain cases, words can fall short. And this is when you need a gesture that goes beyond a basic apology.

Sending flowers is a sign of action that you genuinely want the person to forgive you. In fact, you make it statement that you care about their feelings. Of course, it would be ignorant to assume flowers is going to fix the problem. But it is a very good start.

5. For No Apparent Reason

The best thing about sending flower arrangements is that you get to make the rules.

Celebrant, Jay Flood has seen the use of flowers for both celebrations and commemorations and agrees, “in any situation, flowers lift people’s spirits”

If you have one of those “just because” moments where you want to give someone a pleasant surprise, make an arrangement they will always associate with the person who sent it.

Nothing is stopping you from sending flowers at random, simply because you feel like it. And not only will you feel good about making someone smile, but it builds your relationship with that person.

Whether it is professional or personal, there is a flower for every situation.

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