5 Ways Your Promotional Products Can Be Used

By Lainey Quinn - 13 Apr, 2021


Promotional products are an effective and practical way that businesses can avoid expensive, impersonal, or outdated advertising and build strong branding. Although these days consumer expectations of personalisation and value dominate the industry already, unique promo items also provide audiences with presents that they can stand behind and appreciate. They are the ideal tool to make critical business information present at all times at an affordable price. The following are 7 ways that promotional products can be used for your benefit.

1. Appreciate Your Customers

When it comes to customer retention, long-term goals are key. Ideas that show your appreciation should be aimed at strengthening your customer-business relations and show your audience that they add value to your organisation. Having local customers is critical to your business’s ongoing success. Make them feel recognised and respected for long-term advocates of your products and services.

For the experts at a Sydney health and wellness centre, showing appreciation to customers is one of the best ways to in fact grow the business. “Everyone loves free stuff. Giving it to your customers allows them to feel a sense of pride about working with your business, and if the service you provide is good quality, they’ll want to wear it around town and even share it with their friends. It’s a great way to potentially bring in new customers, and a very underutilised tool.”

Swag bag is a term that is used to describe items that are given away at various corporate events like product launches, conferences, trade shows, and board meetings. Attractive and creative swag bags contain customised promotional products and are the difference between an unimpressed guest and a happy customer.


2. Provide a Sense of Belonging to Employees

It is worth noting at this point that 70% of consumers at least are likely to buy a product that someone they know recommends to them. So before setting out to spread the word in the community about your brand, you first need to take care of your own house. When employees are given personalised gifts it helps to create a space inside your organisation where people can share their pride in belonging. After employees feel they are appreciated as valued members of your business, they will become the best advocates for your band. This effect is sure to be created by promotional products that can be used on a daily basis.

3. Develop a Connection with High-Value Clients

During this digital age, it can be a challenging task to build real connections with clients. Therefore, sometimes you need to go that extra mile to get a meaningful conversation started. Sending gifts to clients that they can genuinely use can be a much better way to re-introduce your brand and open up a dialogue.

Leila Maminezhad of Sonaa Abseiling works with a number of high-value clients, and notes the importance of making your best clients truly feel a part of the team. “Your best clients are the ones you need to care about the most, because a special relationship slowly begins to emerge. You feel comfortable even chatting about things outside of the working relationship. Giving them some free gear is a great way to show your appreciation for their continued support.”

If you try to start a relationship by making a direct sales pitch might be seen as too aggressive, and frequently it is better to gain a more thorough understanding of what their needs are ahead of time. You may ask what the client’s expectations are, what they would like to get from the partnership, and whether they have any concerns or worries about the future.


4. Build Brand Awareness

Although promotional products can get you in the door, they also can help to attract new clients or customers and build awareness. Custom giveaways are a very affordable method to gain favour from customers and get repeated exposure. If you make sure you give away practical products, customers will keep using them long after your event or meeting is over. Choose promotional products that have big imprint areas in order to receive double the attention whenever they are used by recipients Some of the most effective items are folding chairs, blankets, frisbees, umbrellas, and tote bags.

5. Stand Out At Events & Trade Shows

Standing out in a crowd is hard for any business. However, for B2B business that is especially true where thousands of companies are trying to compete for the exact same customers. This can become an even larger issue at trade shows as well as other corporate events such as conferences.

Australian electrical entrepreneur Sacha Davis highlights the importance of finding unique ways to stand out from the competition. “Everyone is vying for the same attention and the same spotlight, so you have to become a little inventive and creative in how you capture people’s attention. For my company, we think promotional products are the only way to do so, and the stranger the products can be, the better. They often stick in the memory of people a lot longer, and we’ve had people join us and say it was because of the products we gave away.”

The key to people remembering you is to make sure that everyone who stops by your stand doesn’t just leave with a business card. In order to stand out every year and make sure you remain in their minds after leaving the event, then you will need to have unique and high-quality promotional products.

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