7 Benefits Of Executive Coaching That Will Blow Your Mind

By Lainey Quinn - 21 Apr, 2021


Businesses are always on a quest for new ways to create an enriched workplace – and what better way to create such an environment than embracing executive coaching? Executive coaching has become an integral part of every workplace because of one thing – small business owners, managers, and CEOs have discovered that it works. In fact, a majority of large organisations are paying up to $700 per hour for executive coaching services.

So let’s dive deeper into how effective executive coaching can help foster and boost this essential quality and create a more productive workplace.

1. Self-Awareness

One of the primary subjects that coaches target is self-awareness. This is because self-awareness acts like a ladder that leads to growth. Without knowing and understanding one’s emotions, it’s easy to carry on doing the same old things.

Australian mental wellness expert Bob Lane highlights the importance of how self-awareness can impact a team. “Knowing what others are going through, it can make you realign what you’ve been doing in life. Whether that’s how you’re talking to people, acting around them, it all helps when uncovering how to be a better person. If you’re self-aware, you can pick up more on potential negative traits that you unknowingly had before.”

Imagine going through life dealing with different circumstances, individuals, and emotions and still being mostly unaware of them!

2. Self-Regulation

More often than not, self-awareness fosters self-discipline. At the very least, if you know and understand your feelings, the task of self-management is made more achievable. For instance, consider a scenario in the office where you’re tasked with overseeing a new employee, and you face feelings of inferiority complex, but you fail to grasp your feelings. All you can tell is that you feel uneasy and tense around that person. Self-awareness can help you deal with such scenarios with ease and comfort.


3. Empathy

Empathy is the feeling that people get when they put themselves in the shoes of others. So if you empathise with another person’s problem, you feel it too.

Luke Mollica, an entrepreneur in the mental health space, believes that without empathy, one cannot lead a business. “Leading a team means that you have to manage all of the people beyond the workplace. Not meddling with what they do on the weekends, but you need to emotionally understand them. If they’re in a rough mental space, how can you help them? Understand the problems of team members and help them with coming to solutions.”

Empathy is a powerful emotion that allows one to understand and consider other people’s feelings. Empathy helps enhance interactions with workmates and subordinates.

4. Improves Cognition

When an individual’s mind broadens in one part, the inclination is for growth in other regions as well. Emotionally intelligent people also tend to be able to view and approach situations from different perspectives. When this happens, your view for everything changes, and you can look at many cases from new viewpoints.

5. Motivation

People feel motivated when they start seeing success. After all, who wouldn’t feel thrilled when they achieve their goals? And it all starts with self-awareness! When you’re self-aware, you discover innate motivation, and with self-management and regulation, you can easily use that motivation in the right area.

For luxury transportation mogul Maddy Kucuk, getting the team ready and fresh for anything is not an easy quality to have as a business owner. “You want to create a mentality of no two days ever being the same. It keeps the employees on the toes and excited too. You’ll also understand what motivates your employees after a while too, so it’s important to press those buttons when it’s absolutely necessary.”

This goes to show just why motivation is an essential ingredient to not only being happy but also prosperous. In your profession, motivation is the fuel behind difficult obstacles, seemingly impossible tasks, and long hours.

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