Improving Your Odds in the Labour Market

By Scott Van Heurck - 09 May, 2019

While the Unemployment Rate looked to be positive with it remaining steady, job seekers need to keep in mind that the labour market is constantly evolving and it is important to consider what needs to be done to improve your employment odds in today’s market. Technological advances, globalisation and social/demographic developments all play a part in the changes and there are a number of ways to ensure your career doesn’t take a step back.


Australia’s Unemployment Rate


The most growth has been observed in the Services sector and it is projected to continue increasing in the future, whilst employment in the Producing sector is projected to decline by 76,700 employees by 2022.


Employment Projections to May 2022



We know that there are three things that Employers look for when they are searching for the perfect candidate:


Education and Training

You may need to further your education or training to increase your odds at gaining employment in a rocky market. A study conducted in 2016 reveals that the higher the level of educational attainment, the lower the unemployment rate and the higher the participation rate.


Education and Employment – 2016




Employers want new staff to be experienced and possess a lot of the technical skills that are required when you start in a new role.

Previous work experience also shows that you are reliable, that you know how to work and that you can provide references.


Employability Skills

Employability skills are the essential skills, personal qualities and values that enable you to thrive in any workplace. All employers value these skills. In your job application you should highlight examples of when you used these skills. You should also explain how these skills can benefit the business and make you the best candidate for the job.


Here are a few more things to consider in your job search…


Your resume and application:

  • Research the job and business

  • Tailor each application to the job

  • Pay attention to spelling and grammar and get someone to proofread

  • Ensure your résumé has current contact details


The interview:

  • Prepare and practice beforehand with family or friends

  • Be on time and dress appropriately

  • Communicate well, be enthusiastic and friendly

  • Ask questions about the job or business

  • Demonstrate what you can bring to the job

  • Emphasis on the transferability of your skills and experience


If the job search isn’t working, consider more options:

  • Do you need to consider other jobs?

  • You might need to compromise

  • You may need more skills/local experience

  • You may need to look outside your area


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Recently, I had the opportunity to interact with the Wood Recruitment team, and I would like to commend their attention to me as a professional, as well as their promptness throughout the process. I received all necessary responses from them quite swiftly, which significantly facilitated communication. I also appreciate their approach to personal interaction, as they strive to gather as many details about the professional as possible and then provide the best career opportunities. I am left with excellent impressions following my contact with Wood Recruitment.

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