Job Adverts – Whats the Number???

By Lainey Quinn - 14 Apr, 2020

And the number is 4,500……… that is a long way from days of the mining boom back in 2008 when Seek adverts were over 20,000 and consistently over that level. Although the market almost reached that level again in 2010 to 2012 we have really been down around the 12,000 mark as a base since then. And the way we source candidates has changed since those days as we now have big databases, social media and talent pools. In fact we have a vast range of new tools to use other than job boards, so given this, the current numbers stack up pretty well.

The Perth market was coming back nicely towards the end of 2019 and recovering well in February as it does each year after the Xmas period. Advertisements were returning to levels where business was confident the economy was on the improve but was not speeding up too much to cause a jump in staff turnover and salaries.

But then in March we have the Corona Chaos….

The below chart shows the number of weekly job advertisements on SEEK job board since mid 2008 right up to to today 14th April 2020. We can see the annual dips for the December / January holiday periods (and the subsequent bounce backs to pre-holiday levels) however right now the level of advertisements are the lowest since 2008.


Later this week we have the monthly job data out from the ABS for March. Its probably a bit early however the signs are we are headed for a double digit unemployment rate.

But the rate of the turnaround is interesting – many of the clients we talk to at the moment were in the middle of an upswing and very positive about the road ahead. Many are telling us they are ready to employ and get back to where the were, restrictions permitting and the boarder restrictions could really benefit the WA market.

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Lavisha Bhatia

  • 2 days ago

Scott & his team have a amazing pool of candidates & happily tailor packages according to your business needs.. Highly recommend using them for your recruitment needs !


Larissa Altera

  • 3 months ago

Peta's ability to absorb and assess information between both parties while maintaining a personalised approach has raised the bar in the recruitment industry. .

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