The 5 Major Benefits Of Having GMB

By Lainey Quinn - 28 Apr, 2021

A lot of businesses have failed to take advantage of Google My Business, a free platform available online. There are numerous advantages of setting up GMB. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to boost your local presence or create a listing for your business, here is what you need to know about the benefits of GMB.

1. Show Up In Google Maps Searches

Besides online reviews, customers also consider proximity to location. With a quick Google search, it’s easy to narrow down the options, especially if you are on a smartphone, most customers actually rely on Google Maps to locate nearby businesses.

Once you create a Google My Business listing and complete the verification steps, your location will start popping up for local searches too. It’s an amazing benefit since users should be able to see automatically how close your business is to their location. They might even visit your business or call you to make their orders.


2. Ranking Higher In Results

With more Google likes for your business, you will get a higher ranking on Google Search and Google Maps. Well, you might be wondering how to get Google to like your business more. Start by supplying consistent and quality content as well as accurate information.

Zena Fares, the owner of a removal company, says that having a GMB listing means he’s a more accessible option for people needing his services. “If you’re not online, it’s incredibly difficult to gain new business. Almost to the point of it being impossible. Having a GMB listing means that you’ll be available for someone looking to use your service, and it’d be silly to miss out on opportunities like that.”

If more consumers tell Google about your business, the more Google will like our business. Use your GMB profile to provide this information to Google.

3. Earn Trust From Customers

For most customers, it’s hard to build enough trust with a business before making a purchase. As a business owner, you need to make it easy for your customers to trust you. The easiest way to do this is to make sure that your business has an actual location. A lot of online users place a lot of confidence and inherent trust on Google. As such, your business will benefit accordingly when it pops up in a local search. Therefore, potential customers are likely going to trust your brand more.


4. Star Ratings Boost Your Appeal

There are numerous decisions that can influence the purchase decision of a customer including online reviews. When it comes to buying things online, customers usually consider the product with the highest reviews more than the lowest.

For Richard Gabriel, a Queensland-based roofing expert, he says that gaining customer reviews is perhaps the most overlooked aspect about GMB. “The onus is on the business owner to continually ask for reviews. People aren’t always going to leave a review straight away, but they’re also more inclined to leave a negative review as opposed to a positive one because humans are weirdly wired that way. Business owners need to call their existing customers as well as the new ones and politely ask for positive reviews. It’s critical to improving their rankings on Google.”

With a GMB listing, customers can review your business and leave their feedback. That way, other customers can see the feedback before buying something new. These reviews will help you receive honest evaluations on what you are doing right and the areas that need improvement. Even better, you will have a star rating system next to your business on Google.

5. Increase Traffic And Sales

Local businesses also face the challenge of maintaining quality traffic to their websites. The same challenge is also experienced when it comes to maintaining a steady supply of foot traffic through the doors. It’s hard enough to avoid these challenges throughout the year, having a GMB listing should be able to boost your numbers accordingly.

Chris Hick, a Growth Strategist with leading Australian marketing agency Search It Local, says that GMB is one of the most under-utilised tools in digital marketing today. “Everyone thinks that just being on Google is enough, but how many people go beyond the second page? Not many. Having a strong GMB listing helps you become more visible to potential customers as well as more reputable. It’s never a guaranteed way to increase sales, but it’s going to give you a better chance of bringing in more customers.”

Having a GMB listing and showing up in local searches, you are going to attract a lot of business from potential customers. Customers who find their brand through Google My Business listing are also likely going to make a purchase.

If you want to retain more customers, you need to start using GMB for your business. Make sure you provide accurate information and updated content to make sure that customers have an easy time locating your business. You should be able to enjoy the free benefits that come from putting your business details online.

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