Wood Recruitment signs with Carbon Neutral

Posted by Scott Van Heurck on 27 Oct 2015


Wood Recruitment took another small step to covering its carbon footprint by partnering with another local business Cabon Neutral. You have to take small steps to reach the summit and all the little things add up, so we are just trying to do our little bit, says Wood - for every placement we make with a client we know there is another tree being planted at the project.


According to Woods Managing Director Scott Van Heurck, "Wood Recruitment is passionate about a sustainable future and for every permanent placement Wood Recruitment plants a tree on behalf of candidates and clients. This has become one branch of our commitment to offset our carbon footprint. As we partner with Carbon Neutral we are able to actively take part in helping them achieve their long term vision, the regeneration of the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor, which is a great initiative and one we are proud to be associated with”. 

Who is Carbon Neutral and what is the Yarr Yarra Biodiversity Corridor all about:

Within the last 100 years, over 90% of the northern Wheatbelt (known as the Mid West) has been cleared for agriculture. This has removed so much native habitat that many plant and animal species are extinct locally or regionally. Others, however, have hung on in woodland and shrubland remnants - usually on rocky ridges and commercially less productive upper valley slopes. We at Carbon Neutral have a vision to reconnect these valuable remnant vegetation sites and link 12 nature reserves across a vast tract of land covering approximately 10,000 square kilometres.

Read more at http://carbonneutral.com.au/yarra-yarra-biodiversity-corridor/

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