Bali Week of Golf - May 2019

Ok its on again......... The "HERDING CATS" Neddies trophy is up for grabs. Ideally Wednesday May 15 to Sunday May 19 - see schedule below. We have a villa in Jimbaran in mind that can take us all which we need to book ASAP. The dates are posted below and some are thinking of getting there a little earlier to play Tues at Bali National and will sort any additional accommodation required themselves. We do need to book the villa in before it goes. There are two together which can open up into one large 14 room villa. So to lock in we need to start getting a $500 from everyone to lock in your spot. The finance worksheet will be posted below as an open book. 

So some information below to get you are started - lets start taking deposits which we can then lock in the villa - we need about $3500. The cost of the villa for the 4 nights should come up to about $800 per person possibly cheaper.

Someone might want to start a forum up or website but all information through the Birdie Putters whatsapp for now..............

And the CATS are :

  • Aidan COOPER

  • George GELAVIS

  • Mark GREEN

  • Dean HANNELL

  • David HOGG

  • Tony HUDSON

  • Ami KATZ

  • Ted MANGAN

  • Jon NICOL

  • Richard PYETT

  • Peter SATE

  • Simon SMITH

  • Scott VAN HEURCK

  • Craig VAN HEURCK

  • Damon WATKINS

Golf Schedule:

We have booked the games through Easy Golf Asia and we pay them on arrival at the course each day. We dont pay the course in the proshop. Schedule is: 


  • Wed      15 May       Bukit Pandawa         1.45pm          US$70pp                          

  • Thu       16 May       Bali National             11.00am         US$120pp               

  • Fri         17 May       **** REST DAY ****             

  • Sat         18 May      Bali National             12.22pm         US$120pp       

  • Sun       19 May       New Kuta Golf          11.30am          US$115pp

Note 1: I am worried about the Sunday game but have checked and rechecked and they tell me we are all good.

Note 2: We play stableford each day

Note 3: Bukit Pandawa is par 3 and is a late start so that we have time to get from airport to the course


This is the proposed villa, which is actually two together. Has 14 rooms and sleeps up to 30..... according to Huddo. There are rooms with two single beds in so if anyone wants to halve their cost they can buddy up...... (be afraid of Simon Smith's requests)

Note: Accommodation will be chosen around the Jimbaran / Nusa areas so that we are less than 30 mins from the golf courses. We can actually play on Wednesday afternoon if we go straight from the airport.


Huddo organising the accommodation for Wed night through to Sat Night

Scott organising the Raffles information and finances

@@@ organising the Herding Cats golf comp between us all (finances anf format)

@@@ organising the order of play for each day


Here are the details for your deposits. Please ensure you put your name in the description so you can be checked off.

Account: Scott Van Heurck

BSB: 036000

ACC: 713507


The finance spreadsheet can be found here: LINK

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