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Wood Recruitment is the leading solutions provider among mining recruitment companies in Perth. We have worked behind the scenes and in the boardrooms of many of the most prominent and highly regarded resource companies on the planet and we continue to be highly selective with the clients we choose to work with. We are focused purely on the unique needs of the Mining Industry, and we aim at supplying second to none services for businesses providing value and making sure they will achieve their goals in the shortest term. With well over 30 years of experience in the field, we have become the industry leaders and have made our way up to the top. Wood Recruitment has become the lead agency in executive search for emerging junior and mid-cap mining companies. Our mission is to build deep, “trusted advisor” relationships with our clients, and to do so with a keen appreciation for the unique requirements of the resource industry. As one of the deluxe mining recruitment companies in Perth, we have offered value and helped businesses build long lasting relationships with their workers. Our track record and involvement with high-profile searches and client turnarounds has garnered us a good reputation among businesses and job seekers as well.

Wood Recruitment combines the best of executive search practices in terms of thoroughness of search process with the speed, savvy, and personal attention required by rapidly growing resource companies. At Wood Recruitment we’re of the mind that building great teams that strive for excellence starts with our own, you can trust our expert staff that will walk you through the entire process. At Wood Recruitment we know people who look for the services of mining recruitment companies in Perth have a specialised talented people able to cover the expectations and work at the highest possible level. Speak to us if you want more information about our services as one of the best mining recruitment companies in Perth.




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