The secret is to keep going....

Do you keep being rejected? The secret is… to keep going! You’ve applied for over 50 jobs the past week, you’ve had 3 responses and 10 rejection letters. To say you’re feeling down and low is an understatement. There are thousands, if not tens of thousands candidates feeling the exact same way!

Let’s get down to business!

Is it your resume?

Your resume is the employer’s first impression of you. Does it sell yourself? Is it looking modern and fresh? Are your skills and experience outlined clearly on your resume? Maybe, your resume needs a makeover. Click here to check out our resume templates: Resume Template

First Impressions:

Did you arrive early? Did you do your research on the job and company? Remember you are one of the many candidates wanting this position. Make the employer believe YOU are the one for the job! If you are running 5 mins late, let the employer know! Courtesy is everything.

Enthusiasm and confidence:

Do you lack enthusiasm? Not everyone has a ‘bubbly’ personality but there are other ways you can come across as enthusiastic. Show interest and ask questions! Communicate effectively, use lots of eye contact and show good body language.

Personal Presentation:

Although you want to dress to impress, you must fit into the way the company dresses. Of course you will dress in a corporate manner if you are going for a job at an Accounting firm. However, some businesses prefer ‘neatly’ presented over corporate. Do your research on the company to make the right impression!

Over confidence:

Ok, stop right here! There is a fine line between confidence and over confidence. Try not to overstep the mark. The employer does not want to hear about how great you are at your job 10 times over!

In conclusion:

While getting turned down from a job interview is not the best feeling in the world, take some of the lessons you can learn from the job interview. Perhaps you could ask the interviewer if there is anything you could improve on? Maybe not getting the job is a blessing in disguise. Whatever the case, take these tips into consideration and remember to stay positive!

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