Top Interviews Questions asked by Hiring Managers

Cracking an interview is not that easy for a job seeker. The interviewer can ask a number of questions, and the candidate should be confident enough to answer any type of questions that comes their way. Not only that, they should be confident while answering, but also should use their brain properly. They should listen to the questions properly and then respond to them. It is always smart to keep the answers brief and to the point. If confronted with a difficult question, one should try to stay calm, do not get defensive and take time to think about it before answering.

Here we are going to discuss the top HR questions and how to answer them intelligently.

Just introduce yourself

While introducing yourself, you should identify some of your main attributes and memorise them. You should lay stress on your qualifications, career history, skills, experience emphasising those skills relevant to the job on offer.

What are your achievements till date?

While letting the interviewer know about your achievements, ensure you are discussing one that is work-related, and is latest. Do not forget to identify the skills you used in the achievement and also specify how it benefitted or added value to the organisation. This will help in impressing the interviewer.

Are you happy with your career till date?

This is a tricky question as it is all about your self-esteem, confidence and aspirations. You should always answer ‘yes’ for this question. Along with that you should also explain what is so exciting about your career so far which has made you happy.

What are your strengths and weakness?

This is a question which is definitely asked to a candidate. When you are asked this question, concentrate on discussing about your main strengths. Talk about at least 3 to 4 abilities. For example – your ability to learn fast, strong determination, positive attitude, ability to co-ordinate with people and team work. When asked about your weakness, do not say none. This is going to land you in problem. Be smart to answer this question. You should always choose a topic that is not vital for your job.

You will agree the above mentioned questions are the top ones asked by an interviewer. So, be prepared to answer these questions using the tips mentioned above.

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