Not surprised it doesn't last long!!!

I am constantly questioned by clients and employers in general as to why their own internet adverts are not successful in attracting quality candidates beyond the first week. While the number of applications in the West Australian market are extremely high at the moment during the downturn, the life of the online job board advertisement is still extremely short.

So we decided to test the figures out using 12 online advertisements across the Accounting, Administration and Office support sectors during a three month period. And here are some of the findings:

  • 60% of applications are received within 7 days from the advertisement going live

  • The first few days of the job advert life is best no matter what day of the week it is posted

  • Mondays and Tuesdays are the best days to far

  • After the first week the job has been posted, Monday and Tuesday still receive the most responses

  • 85% of job applications are received by day 14

  • Frequently, 45% of applications are received by day 3 and 50% by day 4

  • Saturdays receive the least number of applications

  • Sunday is the next worst performing day but still 25% better than Saturdays

  • Jobs generally only appear online for 4 weeks, the last week normally produces only 5% of total applications

So if you don't have what you are looking for within the first 4 days then what are you waiting for........

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