WA Unemployment 5.7%

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for Western Australia decreased substantially to 5.7% during December 2017 which was down from a rate of 6.6% for November. The unemployment rate averaged 5.9% over the year to December 2017 which is lower than the rate of 6.1% average unemployment recorded over the previous year to December 2016.

Seasonally adjusted, Australia's unemployment rate rose from 5.4% in November to 5.5% in December 2017 with the average unemployment rate of the year of just 5.6%. This was a slight improvement over the rate of 5.7% average unemployment across the 12 months to December 2016.

Some of the seasonally adjusted estimates as described by include:

  • Employment increased by 34,700 to 12,440,800

  • Full time employment increased 15,100 to 8,518,900

  • Part time employment increased 19,500 to 3,921,800

  • unemployment increased 20,500 to 730,600

  • The number of unemployed persons looking for full-time work increased 9,500

  • The number of unemployed persons looking for part-time work increased 10,600

  • Participation rate increased by 0.2 pts to 65.7%

  • Unemployment rate increased by .1 pt to 5.5%

Seasonally adjusted, New South Wales recorded the lowest unemployment rate of 4.8% while Tasmania and Victoria both recorded the highest with 6.1%.



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