Job Adverts Positive / Unemployment Negative

Wood Recruitment's watch on job advertisements across the major job boards continues to show there is continual improvement as numbers edge up across the Perth region. Developed in 2016 Wood tracks the number of job advertisements placed across the Perth metropolitan market on a weekly basis. "While there are generally numerous alternatives to job board advertising in today's recruitment space, it is very encouraging to see that the number of job advertisements posted to the major boards are up as the market is showing signs of starting to turn around", says Wood Director Peta Van Heurck.

Seek is still considered the market leader among the job boards and jobs posted for the Perth region are again constantly around 10,500 - back which is back to mid 2015 levels (see above).

UNEMPLOYMENT rates in Western Australia disappointed a little coming off a good result in January, seasonally adjusted rising 0.2% to 6.0% for February. This rise was equal with South Australia who recorded a seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 6.3% and only Tasmania recorded a larger rise. (see below). In terms of numbers Western Australia decreased employment by 1,300 persons.

Australia's trend estimate of employment increased by 19,300 persons in February 2018, with:

  • the number of unemployed persons increasing by 4,300 persons;

  • the unemployment rate remaining steady at 5.5 per cent;

  • the participation rate increasing by 0.1 percentage points to 65.7 per cent; and

  • the employment to population ratio increased by less than 0.1 percentage points to 62.1 per cent.

(Unemployment data is sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics - Feb data was released on Thursday 22nd March

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