July Unemployment | Steady Decline to 6.0%

In seasonally adjusted terms, the largest increase in employment was in Victoria (up 29,400 persons), followed by South Australia (up 1,700 persons). The largest decrease was in New South Wales (down 27,100 persons). Seasonally adjusted unemployment rate increased in New South Wales (up 0.2 percentage points to 4.9 per cent), Queensland (up 0.2 percentage points to 6.1 per cent), South Australia (up 0.2 percentage points to 5.7 per cent), and Tasmania (up 0.5 percentage points to 6.4 per cent). The largest decrease was in Victoria (down 0.6 percentage points to 5.0 per cent) followed by Western Australia (down 0.1 percentage points to 6.0 per cent). The largest increase in the seasonally adjusted participation rate was in Tasmania (up 0.3 percentage points to 61.6 per cent). The seasonally adjusted participation rate decreased in New South Wales (down 0.4 percentage points to 64.7 per cent) and Western Australia (down 0.3 percentage points to 68.2 per cent). Seasonally adjusted estimates are not published for the two territories.


  • Employment increased 26,900 to 12,581,600.

  • Unemployment decreased 1,300 to 713,000.

  • Unemployment rate remained steady at 5.4%.

  • Participation rate remained steady at 65.5%.

  • Monthly hours worked in all jobs increased 3.1 million hours (0.2%) to 1,748.0 million hours.


  • Employment decreased 3,900 to 12,575,200. Full-time employment increased 19,300 to 8,587,500 and part-time employment decreased 23,200 to 3,987,700.

  • Unemployment decreased 5,700 to 706,000. The number of unemployed persons looking for full-time work increased 2,300 to 504,100 and the number of unemployed persons only looking for part-time work decreased 8,000 to 201,900.

  • Unemployment rate decreased by less than 0.1 pts to 5.3%.

  • Participation rate decreased by 0.1 pts to 65.5%.

  • Monthly hours worked in all jobs increased 4.0 million hours (0.2%) to 1,749.6 million hours.

Figures and graph released by today

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