Perth Job Adverts Continue to Rise...

Sum of total Perth jobs across the major jobboards

(Total job listings across the major job boards Seek, Indeed and LinkedIn for the Perth market from July 2016)

Historically, the number of job listings on job boards start to decline for the holiday period from the start of December and this year appears to not be any different.

After reaching levels not seen since August 2015 the number of Perth listings has settled back to where we were 12 months ago, currently at around 10,100 job listings at the commencement of the week of 4th December 2018. Some other comparisons since this time last year are:

  • 42% increase in Trades advertisements

  • 25% increase in IT advertisements

  • 15% increase in Accounting advertisements

  • 15% increase in Engineering advertisements

The above are even better results given that a lot of the recruitment agencies and HR Departments do not always advertise and search in large databases to find their candidate initially.

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