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Job Advertisements Surging

Job advertisements continue to increase as the Mining and Resources industry continues to absorb staff from the Perth metropolitan market. Good quality talent is becoming increasingly difficult to find locally and the pressure is well and truly mounting on productivity and salary & wage levels - something Perth has not seen for many many years.

Some of the sectors seeing the big compared to the same time last year (even before the pre Covid-19 fallout) are:

  • Trades up 80%

  • Administration up 55%

  • Health and Medical up 34%

  • Sales up 27%

Engineering, Information Technology and Legal sectors are still negative and below March 2020 levels. Accounting has recently improved and is just 4% up on a year ago. Total number of advertisements for the whole of Perth are up 32.57% as a whole.

The above chart shows the number of weekly job advertisements on SEEK job board since mid 2008 right up to to today 15th march 2021. We can see the annual dips for the December / January holiday periods (and the subsequent bounce backs to pre-holiday levels) however right now the level of advertisements are the highest they have been going back to late 2011 - even more staggering given most recruiters and Human Resource managers do not advertise to the extent they did back in 2011.

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