WA Unemployment 4.9%

Seasonally adjusted estimates for April 2021 according to the ABS found unemployment rate decreased to 5.5% nationally which was a drop of 2 pts from 5.7% in March. Other key findings included a decrease in the participation rate to 66.0%, a decrease in employment to 13,040,400 with the total monthly hours worked decreasing by 13 million hours.

Seasonally the WA unemployment rate for April 2021 is estimated at 4.9% which was a monthly change in rate of just -0.1%. Apart from NT and ACT, Western Australia continues to record the lowest unemployment rate for the second month running. New South Wales and Victoria both recorded an unemployment rate of 5.5% whilst Queensland was at 6.1%. Tasmania recorded the nations highest unemployment rate at 7.1%.

Jobbkeeper: According to ABS - "changes in employment and hours between March and April did not identify a clear aggregate impact from the end of JobKeeper".

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