WA Unemployment Down in August

The trend unemployment rate for Western Australia has moved down slightly from 5.9% in July to 5.8% for August 2019. Nationally, the rate has remained unchanged for August at 5.3% , up from 5.2% (June) and the same 5.3% (July). The state of Victoria increased in August to 4.9% and New South Wales remained at 4.5%.

Some of the key data as released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics today include:

  • An increase Nationally by 0.1% to 5.3%

  • Number of unemployed persons increased by 2,700 persons

  • The participation rate increased slightly

  • Trend employment increased by 22,000 persons

  • Unemployment is South Australia increased to 6.8%

  • South Australia has the highest unemployment rate , followed by Tasmania

Data and table above as released by 19th Sept 2019.

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